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Savor 5 different delicious food preparation and cooking demonstrations by skilled plant-based chefs! Check back soon for 2019 updates! If interested in doing a food demonstration for Sarasota Veg Fest 2019, please fill out the application below!

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Naomi Green and David Mannino with Going Vegan For Health

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Nutritious You

Brian Lairby with Smokin Bowls Food TruckHibiscus Tea and Hibiscus Tacos - How to make tea and tacos11:00 a.m.
Aneta Lundquist with 221 BC Kombucha221B.C. Workshop- How to make real kombucha at home12:00 p.m.
Evelisse Capó and Elisa Burgos with The Food PharmacyVeganize Your Favorite Mexican Dishes.1:00 p.m.
Naomi Green with Going Vegan For HealthRolling Vegan Sushi!2:00 p.m.
Amanda and Felicia Girton with Slow Foods KitchenQuick, Simple and Practical Raw Snacks3:00 p.m.
Kristin Bainbridge with Plated By KayVegan Coconut Chicpea Curry4:00 p.m.

Brian Lairby, Smokin Bowls Food Truck Executive Chef

As a young child, Smokin Bowls Food Truck owner and Chef, Brian Lairby spent treasured time with food at its very source, in nature while growing up all over the western United States. Brian fondly remembers summers at his Uncle Orville’s farm and helping pick berries and vegetables for his mother, grandmother and great grandmother (known to Brian as the “the ladies in my life”), who were revered for their culinary skills when it came to cooking, baking and canning. At that time in his life, a career in the kitchen was the furthest thing from a young boy’s mind, but the family matriarchs’ influence left an indelible impression. Brian’s journey into the culinary world was something he stumbled into quite by accident. After joining the Job Corps in 1996 to train in building and construction management, he met a mentor, who was a Chef with the Treasure Island Advanced Culinary Arts program. Intrigued by the possibility of a new outlet to express himself and his creativity, Brian joined the program in 1997. While learning all there was to know, absorbing the knowledge bestowed, brought Brian back to his initial roots, which lead him to a more compassionate lifestyle. Turning to a plant based diet in 1997 truly gave Brian, what he considers a true understanding of food and its effects on the body. Upon completing his studies two years later, he embarked on a fifteen-year career with Hyatt Hotels’ food and beverage team that took him from Phoenix, up and down the West Coast of the U.S., from San Diego to Monterey to San Francisco and Seattle. Through his travels, Brian studied and learned various cultural cuisines and their cooking techniques which is the main thread in his cooking fabric today. During his time with Hyatt, Brian progressed through a variety of roles from Culinary Supervisor to Executive Sous Chef to Interim Executive Chef at the award-winning Pacific’s Edge Restaurant in the exclusive Carmel-by-the-Sea community in Northern California. Seeking a change in scenery and the desire to be closer to family, the next stop in Brian’s career brought him to Tampa, where he discovered an entirely new opportunity to make an impact as Executive Chef at the Le Meridien Tampa. Here Brian launched an idea for Le Meridien’s first vegan wine dinner. Embracing the opportunity to showcase this cuisine to not only his team but the intrigued guests, proved to be the most attended specialty dinner the hotel had hosted at that time. Now, with his own Food Truck, Brian is able to have his own “test kitchen”, preparing menu items that bring him fond memories of his childhood and early years traveling the west coast while also bringing originality and a style that truly speaks to the West Coast Style Cooking. Paying homage to his upbringing and training along the way is all about what Brian offers his guests.

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Aneta Lundquist, 221 BC Kombucha

“Have you ever done something that just felt so right for you that your heart felt full? You get that fuzzy buzzy feeling inside. You find yourself walking around with a goofy smile on your face and realize it’s just because, gosh darn it, life is great! Yep, that is the story of me and my Kombucha! (And no, it’s not just the beautiful effervescing bubbles that make me feel fuzzy buzzy!) Yes. You heard it hear. I am in love with a micro-colony of biochemical magic in a cup. It’s not because I smell like patchouli, wear only hemp products, and drive a 1970’s VW bus around town blasting Phish while letting my dreadlocks blow in the breeze. I actually don’t fit any of those descriptions, though whoever does I’m sure is a lovely person. I am a mama and I care about my family’s health. When my daughter was born nine years ago, I realized how sad our Standard American Diet truly was and that we needed to change. I sought out ways to make food our medicine and enhance our energy and vitality. And then I met Kombucha. Sweet, wonderful, hypnotizing Kombucha. I was fascinated and wanted learn everything I could about this tonic. Not only did it make my taste buds dance a happy jig, but it also made me feel vibrant in a way food never had before! It wasn’t long before I was regularly crafting batches of Kombucha for my friends and family. And then everyone asked for a little more… and then a lot more! I just kept brewing away until one night I woke up feeling overjoyed. I realized then that my purpose and mission on this beautiful planet Earth was to provide others with this nourishing drink! That is why I take so much care in making a product that is truly living and made with organic ingredients. So here I am in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, doing exactly what I am meant to do. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gift with you through this energetic, sparkling tea known as 221 BC Kombucha. Please enjoy!”

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Evelisse Capó and Elisa Burgos, The Food Pharmacy

The Food Pharmacy cooking instructors are childhood friends reunited as adults by their passion for teaching the plant-based lifestyle. Elisa Burgos is a vegan whole foods cooking instructor and speaker with 15 years experience teaching a diverse array of students, from cooking novices to culinary professionals. Evelisse Capó, PharmD, is a doctor of pharmacy who gave up pharmaceuticals to pursue multiple certifications in whole foods plant-based nutrition, in order to focus on helping individuals and families heal through food as medicine. Through The Food Pharmacy, Elisa and Evelisse offer one-on-one and small group nutrition coaching, menu planning, consulting, cooking classes, employee wellness programs and other services. Learn more about their services at and on their Facebook and YouTube pages. Contact information: 941-320-8163 or 787-904-6620.

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Naomi Green, Going Vegan For Health

Naomi Green is a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator who is also certified in plant-based nutrition from the eCornell T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. Naomi specializes in helping people go vegan and take back their health (or just add more veggies to their diet!) She has been coaching private clients and running a free online Facebook support group for those going vegan and presenting cooking workshops, cooking parties and corporate wellness program events around the Tampa Bay Area since recovering from breast cancer treatment in 2014 and she credits both yoga and going vegan with her health, healing and happiness.

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Amanda and Felicia Girton, Slow Foods Kitchen

Felicia and Amanda are the mom and daughter team behind the delicious creations at Slow Foods Kitchen. All of their products are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and organic. Normal cooking processes often destroys the natural flavors and nutrients in food, so they don’t do that. Instead, their foods are dried, often with handcrafted seasonings that add zest and fun. Slow Foods uses commercial dryers to dehydrate each delicious bite at less than 118 degrees F for 12 to 36 hours. 

Sure the drying takes some time, but it’s worth the wait. Their food has so much flavor and it’s good for you! Many of their customers are 100% raw and/or vegan and rave about being able to find food that is ready to consume. Customer favorites include our Kale Chips, Spicy Raw Taco, Maple Ginger Pumpkins Seeds, and Coconut Macaroons. 

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Kristin Bainbridge, Plated By Kay

Kristin is a vegan food blogger & food stylist at! She loves creating delicious and aesthetically pleasing vegan food as a way to encourage others to include more plant based meals in their diet, and less animal. She is also passionate about health, and her love for animals. She went vegan during her studies in the medical field after realizing that a vegan diet is the healthiest diet of all and became obsessed with studying plant based nutrition. She lost weight, but gained her life back. Her health was declining and she didn’t know what to do about it, until she discovered plant foods, and the healing properties they have. She now creates recipes for her social media, and has two recipe ebooks with over thirty 100% raw vegan recipes that nourish the soul. 

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