Scavenger Hunt

The Sarasota Veg Fest Scavenger Hunt is fun for all ages (adults and youth). Register to receive text notifications for scavenger hunt clues on May 4th at Sarasota Veg Fest. You will have the opportunity to competitively cooperate with other veg fest attendees to find vendors and earn prizes. It is free to register as a game player.

How It Will Work for Attendees

Veg Fest attendees can register by texting @vegfest to the number 81010. They will receive text notifications with clues to find participating vendors throughout the day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (You can arrive at any time and still participate). When you (the attendee) find the vendor you are looking for, you will need to take a picture with the vendor and post it to the Sarasota Veg Fest event page, tagging the vendor. If you have a Facebook, please also “Like” the vendor. Alternatively, you can send the photo to the vendor via email. Once you have done so, the vendor will give you a token. When you have completed the scavenger hunt and have collected five tokens, you can visit the Scavenger Hunt table, located at the welcome tent to earn a prize! 

How It Will Work for Vendors

Vendors can participate for a donation of $25, applied to benefiting Solutionary Species’ non-profit education programs. Your logo will be listed on this page and there will be a shout out for scavenger hunt vendors on social media. Scavenger hunt participants receive extra exposure from attendees at the event. Veg Fest attendees will receive text notifications with clues to find participating vendors. When the attendees find you (the participating vendor), they will take a photo with you and will be required to either post the photo on social media or send you the photo via email for your benefit to use in marketing. Once they have completed this task, you can hand them a token (please retrieve tokens from the welcome table when you arrive). When attendees have completed the scavenger hunt and have collected at least 5 tokens, they will visit the Solutionary Events table to receive a prize. We appreciate vendors who are able to donate a prize. Register by clicking HERE