Food Demos

Savor 5 different delicious food preparation and cooking demonstrations by skilled plant-based chefs! If interested in doing a food demonstration for Sarasota Veg Fest, please fill out the application below!

Food Demonstration Application

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10:30 a.m. Chef Ryan Spicer, Ryan’s Sweet Buns:

“Vegan Quesadilla’s”

A Tex-Mex favorite, bursting with flavor, spice-y with some tang. The cashew cheese powerhouse has become a staple in Ryan’s kitchen and after you try it, will become a part of yours as well.

Ryan currently lives in Sarasota after relocating from Texas five years ago, when he began his journey transitioning to a plant based diet. During this time he has developed an interest and love for cooking and hosts events in Sarasota, often based around food, as well as supplies baked goods for the local coffee shop “The Clever Cup.”

11:30 a.m. Chef Laetitia Sanders, Trust Yourself in Health:
“Cape Malay Eggplant Curry”

Introducing the spices of Cape Malay cooking and the importance of the family meal and hospitality

Laetitia is a Certified Health Coach, creating a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. A Chef, single mom and marathon runner, Laetitia started her coaching business to help professional moms and families to live their best life! Laetitia is a graduate from IIN Integrative Nutrition School with more that 20 years of experience as a Chef. Today, Laetitia offers a wide range of coaching programs and services – Weigh Less Live More, Eating for Energy, Sugar Detox and Cooking Classes.


12:30 p.m. Chef Vicki Chelf, Author:

“Pulp Kitchen – Getting the most from your juicer”

Gazpacho and chocolate peanut butter balls–both recipes use juicing pulp

Vicki is the author of 12 cookbooks. Her first vegetarian cookbook was published in French in 1976. Since the 80’s her books have been vegan. Her passion for vegan food stems from a love of animals and the environment as well as a commitment to good health. She and her husband have an organic edible landscape at their Sarasota home.

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1:30 p.m. Chef Deana Miniawi-Pulis, All GF Vegan by the Amateur Kitchen:

“2 Ways for Raw Vegan Tacos & Taco Salad”

Tacos in red bell pepper wedges as the shell, on romaine lettuce/lettuce cups with nut meat, nut-based cheese, and cilantro jalapeno hummus

Deana is a mother, owner of All GF Vegan and total kitchen geek. She loves to cook, experiment with different flavors and is obsessed with kitchen gadgets and tools. While she always followed a healthy, mostly organic diet, it wasn’t until her diagnosis with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto that things changed. Refusing to succumb to its symptoms and ineffective“pill a day for the rest of your life” remedy, she researched and experimented to find the best means to manage it. Today, she eats a mostly raw diet with all the chocolate, cookies, dips and chips, sandwiches and a lot more than she could possibly eat. Deana is grateful for the opportunity to share her creations with the world, to hopefully inspire others who follow a vegan/plant-based diet or those just curious, and in doing so, meeting many wonderful like-minded people along the way.


2:30 p.m. Chef Mike Donnerstag, Pink Cloud Catering: 

(Demo Title Coming Soon!)

Chef Mike is Sarasota’s premier personal chef. He is knowledgeable in many styles of cuisine including vegan and raw foods. Chef mike has been working in restaurants all his life and loves to share his knowledge–changing the world one meal at a time with wholesome food and education!

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3:30 Chef Babita Sandhu: Traditional Indian Spiced Lentils in the Instant Pot

A professional physican in India, Babita was always fascinated by different kinds of cuisine and how they influenced our health. A vegetarian for 18 years, she always struggled with her weight, but in 2018 came across “How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger and her perception towards food completely changed. She shifted from vegetarian to vegan and got a new direction for a passion to educate people about clean eating by demonstrating how simple and easy it is to make a delicious dish without compromising on flavors. Chef Babita will be cooking two lentil dishes with Indian spices in her instant Pots…one with oil and one without oil!