Why Vegan?

A solutionary is someone who thinks conscientiously and compassionately about their choices and behaviors in order to benefit people, animals, and the environment. Ultimately, the goal of a solutionary is to create a healthy and compassionate world. A solutionary chooses to be the solution.

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There are undeniably many problems that exist in the world today…

To name a few:

– Inequalities based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation, species, etc. 

– World hunger 

– Homelessness, food insecurity, & poverty 

– Terminal illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.

 – Animal cruelty

– Environmental devastation 

Since humans are gradually moving on from being a problematic species to being a SOLUTIONARY SPECIES, many people are starting to think of many practical and  effective solutions to address serious problems. Some solutions may require a large group of people and advocates for a cause. Other solutions might involve gaining influence with people of  societal authority  (e.g. government). Many different solutions are often required to address a single problem.

There is, however, one very simple solution that addresses many problems.  This solution does not take time out of our busy schedules or take away anything from our lives. In fact, this solution has the potential to enrich our lives in the most meaningful ways we could have ever imagined.  Choosing to embrace a vegan lifestyle and to think conscientiously about the food we put in our bodies, we could save our own lives and money, help animals, contribute to ending world hunger and food deserts, protect the environment, and put an end to supporting industries that exploit millions of people, billions of non-human animals, and the earth we all share. Explore this event, have fun, and learn how you can join the movement of becoming a Solutionary Species!

Solutionary Events offers many great resources for learning about starting a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally regenerative lifestyle. Click the link to start exploring new information today! The more you learn, the more freedom you have to make informed choices.